Do You Need A Seller’s Permit to Open an Etsy Shop?

Yup, you’re gonna need one.

For some reason I’ve always assumed that if you create an online shop, you’re automatically legally allowed to sell your wares without having to go through the process all brick-and-mortar businesses have to go through. I mean…

  1. You’re opening your shop on a reputable site with secure payment options and a section that helps you with your sales tax,
  2. Buyers can leave you ratings & comments so people would know if you’re “legit” or “shady”,
  3. AND the site charges sellers for each listing plus a (small) percentage on each sale.

With all that (or even just basing off of no.3) one would think it would be as easy as clicking “Open Your Etsy Shop” to start an online business. But, nope!

Nothing Worth Having Is Ever Easy

So although Etsy doesn’t require you to present or submit a seller’s permit, the steps to starting an online business is pretty much the same with any business. (Please check with your local government on how to obtain a seller’s permit)

I’ve placed my Etsy shop on Vacation Mode for now until I can get a seller’s permit (because like some Etsy sellers out there who didn’t know about this permit either, I opened the shop without one). I plan on reopening the shop this Fall since it would be a better time to sell my knitwear. That gives me a lot of time to not only get a permit, but also have a stock pile.
So until then, you can check out my knitwear on Instagram

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