Free Scarf Pattern – KHAI

Hello, Loves!

I thought I’d share with you my go-to scarf pattern. It’s excellent for beginners and a fairly quick scarf pattern to make.

I forgot what stitch it’s called (if it’s even a stitch in the knitting books) but I found it online as a prayer shawl pattern. I can’t remember if it was in Craftsy, Ravelry or and I’ve been trying to find it again so I can have a name for it other than “Ribbed Scarf”. So I just named it the “KHAI Scarf”.

“KHAI” is my nickname growing up and a bunch of my oldest friends still call me that. My nickname isn’t really spelled that way but that’s just how you would read/pronounce it.

I decided to share this as a free pattern instead of selling it on Etsy because…

  1. I found the pattern online for free,
  2. Because I don’t even know if it’s an actual stitch or not. It would be like selling the garter stitch pattern on Etsy πŸ˜…, and
  3. It’s only a 2-row pattern.

So without further ado, here’s the KHAI Scarf Pattern!

For this pattern, I like to use:

  1. LionBrand Thick & Quick Wool Ease Yarn x 2
  2. 10mm knitting needles


P – purl

K – knit

R – row


Cast-on 18 stitches.

R1: K all the way across

R2: *P1, K1 (repeat until end of row)

Repeat R1 and R2 until you reach the desired length for your scarf, then cast/bind-off. And that’s it!

I think this pattern is really cool since it has a ribbed design on the front and a sort of seed stitch design on the back.



I like to consume two balls of yarn for this project. If you want to make an infinity scarf, make sure you have enough yarn left over to sew the ends together. There’s a ton of ways you can sew the ends together but I found this video on how to do the mattress stitch.

I hope you guys like this pattern. It’s my first time trying to write a pattern so I thought I’d start with a simple one.

If you have any questions or if you know what stitch this is, leave me a comment. And if you tried this pattern out, I’d love to see your work! Tag me on Instagram @mccollmeknitty.

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