Makers Gotta Workout

For someone who loves to knit and crochet (or craft for that matter), I spend a lot of time sitting; just like all my fellow makers out there. I’m sure you’ve read articles saying how “sitting is bad for you” or “your chair is killing you”. But I found an article which says “Sitting Won’t Actually Kill You“.

It’s an article by Eat This, Not That! which was one of the many health related articles that popped up on my Twitter feed. But this one in particular piqued my curiosity. Not because I can rejoice at the fact that I can just sit and knit all day without any future health complications. But mainly because early in June (2016), my brother had a stroke at only 34 years old.

My brother was never really into working out. He’s always been into playing video games and Magic: The Gathering. Now there’s nothing wrong with being a gamer. I myself enjoy playing video games and spent hours on the couch for Final Fantasy XII. The only difference between my brother and I was that I took the time to workout; while he had always lived a very sedentary lifestyle.

So I clicked on the link for the article; wanting to see what sort of explanation they had for why sitting won’t lead to an untimely death. But as I read it, it doesn’t really say that it wouldn’t (as the title might have you believe). Instead it points out that “standing in place is no better than sitting”.

Here’s a great line from the article that best explains this:

Any stationary posture where energy expenditure is low may be detrimental to health, may it be sitting or standing

Melvyn Hillsdon

So to all my fellow makers out there, please be sure to MAKE some time to workout and not just sit around all day crafting.

A friendly reminder from a fellow maker πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

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