How To Get A Custom Domain Name For Your Etsy Shop – CHEAP!

Hello, Loves!

Today I’d like to share with you how I got my custom domain name for my Etsy shop, the cheapest way that I could find!

I follow a lot of knitters on Instagram and most of them are selling their knitwear on Etsy as well. You’ll notice that at the bottom of their Instagram Bio, they’ll have a link leading you to their shop. Usually it would state their shop name plus an “” at the end (like But some knitters have domain names that don’t have that pesky “” but it still routes you to their Etsy shop.

At first I thought I might have missed a step when I set up my shop. I logged in to my account and tried to find this option and indeed there is one! It’s called Pattern by Etsy. I checked it out and thought this was a free option for shop owners but alas! My hopes of getting a free customized domain name just for being a shop owner had been squashed!

Pattern is free for 30 days but once this trial period ends, you’re charged $15 per month. That’s $180 per year! Ain’t no small-time knitter got money for that!!!


Sadly, I told myself that these knitters are top sellers anyway and they can afford to use Pattern. I would just have to stick with the default domain name with the “” until I can get more sales out of my knitwear. But then I noticed one small detail:

These knitters didn’t have a website!

All they had was a custom domain name and that’s it. I was a bit confused since Pattern basically makes your Etsy Shop into its own website and having a customized domain name is part of the package. But these knitters’ shops were still on the Etsy platform and the URL at the top still showed their domain name with an “”, and yet their Instagram website links show a customized version?


I searched frantically through Google, trying to find the answer. I really REALLY wanted to get a custom domain name just so my Instagram account would look more credible and professional since I use the social media site to market my knitwear (like other Etsy Sellers).

I went through a bunch of Etsy forums and one website was mentioned over and over: A lot of the shop owners said that’s where they got their domain name but I was a bit skeptical buying something from a site called “GoDaddy”. I mean, let’s be honest. It sounds like a freakin’ porn site! (Sorry, GoDaddy!)

But after reading through the forums and some reviews saying how cheap the domain names cost and how easy it is to route it to your Etsy Shop, I had to check it out for myself! I went to the site and checked out their prices and they were in fact really CHEAP! (cheaper than Pattern & WordPress).

I don’t remember how much my domain name cost at standard price since at the time, I was able to get it at a 30% discount and they usually offer discounts every now and then. Like right now for instance they’re offering 13% off on a domain name but these are the prices I get from the main page:

  • $10.99 per year for a “.com” domain name; and only
  • $8.99 per year for a “.co” or “.org” one.

Definitely better than paying $15 per month if you just want a domain name and you can easily route this to your shop or blog. GoDaddy also gives you the option to keep your domain registration information private for an additional $7.99 per year, which to me is a very important feature to have and made me less skeptical about the site.

So with the 30% discount they were offering me at the time, I only paid $32.53 TOTAL for and that’s good for 2 years, including the private domain registration option. Totes a really good deal! (and no, I am not paid to say that BUT I WISH WAS!)

And that’s how I got my custom domain name for CHEAP! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and hope it helps other makers out there who wants to get their own custom domain name for their online shop but don’t know where to look.

See you guys on the next blog post! Ciao!

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