Working Full-Time and Selling on Etsy

Hello, Loves!

It’s been MONTHS since I’ve made a blog post. Five to be exact. And based on the title of this blog, my full-time job is to blame.

No, my full-time job is not knitting (I WISH!). It was for a few months while I waited for my Employment Authorization ID. But now, No. I have a regular “9 to 5” desk job for about six months now and I do my knitting on the side – like after work or on weekends.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job! How else would I be able to afford all the yarn stashed in my closet? But seriously, I do enjoy my job and it’s very rewarding. Sure you get a couple of clients who are just always in a bad mood. But you also get comments like “We’re married! Thank you so much!” and it just gives you #TheFeels πŸ’•

My full-time job is being a paralegal / caseworker for a private Law Office that handles immigration cases / applications.

I am assigned clients and I fill out their application forms (with the information they’ve provided us), as well as compile their application(s) for them. This is done while under the supervision of a licensed attorney. We mainly do the paperwork and guide our clients through the process to make sure they follow standard procedure set by immigration (USCIS). I mainly handle clients from the Philippines but I do get a few clients from other countries.

It’s an interesting job and here’s a little background story for you:

I came to the United States on a FiancΓ©(e) Visa (picture “90-day FiancΓ©”). My husband and I did the whole application ourselves with a lot of digging through the internet. With my own personal experience having gone through the immigration process, and a job opening that said “Must Be Fluent in Tagalog (Filipino)”, I knew this was the right fit for me!

I was so excited to start since it’s my first job here in the US, but it also gave me less time with my knitting (most especially the blogging part). I’m sure other makers out there with full-time jobs can relate: You come home from a long day at work and all you want to do is get comfy in your PJs, eat dinner, and lay around the couch while you binge-watch a series on Netflix. (Currently watching “How I Met Your Mother” since the hubs has never seen it and Barney still cracks me up! πŸ˜‚)

Having a day job and starting your own Etsy Shop is definitely not easy. I had to delay the opening of my shop because I still needed to do product shoots. Without professional photography equipment, I rely mostly on natural lighting for my shoots and now that it’s #HappyFallYall, I come home and there’s hardly any daylight left to do a 30-minute shoot! So I’d have to wait for the weekend to do them AND post new listings.


Currently I am in the starting phase where I just opened the shop and having my day job while running it on the side isn’t so bad… YET. I imagine it will be a lot harder to keep up on orders when sales hits (IF it hits. Fingers crossed!), but that is most likely a long way down the road. So for now, this maker is just going to keep on making and hustling! πŸ‘“πŸ‘ πŸ’Όβœ’

’til next time! (whenever that is πŸ˜…)

4 thoughts on “Working Full-Time and Selling on Etsy

  1. Hi, thank you for posting your experiences or working & selling on Etsy. I’m looking to start selling my handmade cards this year but it’s quite scary, especially with a full time job. How did you find the process of getting your shop up & running?


    • Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog & I hope my posts have been helpful.

      It was a bit frustrating at times because there’s not enough time in the day to relax, do chores, workout & work on the Etsy shop after coming home. When the shop finally opened, it made me really anxious thinking about how I’m going to juggle a full-time job & having a small business on the side.

      But I’ve read through a bunch of shop listings from other makers & learned from others I’ve purchased from that it’s important to let your buyers know the processing time of when their orders will be delivered. This helped me out tons & most people buying from Etsy have been very understanding that it takes time for us to make handmade goods.

      I think you’ll do great & don’t forget to have fun while making instead of feeling pressured πŸ˜˜πŸ’ž

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