Wool And The Gang: Isobel Hat Review

Y’ALL!!! I just needed to share this! (I know it’s a bit late but better late than never).

Earlier this year, the most amazing thing that could ever happen to a small-time beginner knitter like me was that Wool And The Gang emailed me and asked if I was interested to try out one of their knitting kits – GAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Like of course I was interested! I mean… It’s a FREE KNITTING KIT FROM WATG!!!! 😍😍😍

When I read the email I just couldn’t contain myself! I let out a happy little screech and told my work bestie about the awesome news! Then I sent my husband a text to let him know and I just couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day while I was internally screaming, “GAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I GOT A KNITTING KIT FROM WATG!!!! πŸ’žπŸŒˆ”.

When the knitting kit was finally delivered at our doorstep, I couldn’t wait to just rip that paper bag wide open and get knitting! Then I remembered I needed to take unboxing pics “for the gram” so I had to wait until the weekend πŸ™ƒ But it’s all good since now I can show you what you’ll be getting when you purchase the Isobel Hat Knitting Kit πŸ™ŒπŸ½


  1. 3x Lil’ Heal The Wool Yarn (color of your choice)
  2. 1x Isobel Hat Pattern
  3. 1x Tapestry Needle
  4. 1x 5mm (US 8) Maplewood Straight Knitting Needles

BONUS: There were also some cute stickers in the bag but I forgot to include them in this photo.


I’ve knitted with wool before and I’m not a fan of how it feels on my fingers while I knit. Even some wool-blended yarn (depending on the brand) is a bit better but it still has a bit of that wool-like texture. But the Lil’ Heal The Wool Yarn is totally different and I was so surprised by how soft it was that I couldn’t help but feel them on my cheeks!

According to WATG’s website:

Our Lil’ Heal The Wool Yarn comes from 100% recycled wool fibre. It is a 2 ply twisted, textured yarn that’s super-easy to knit with – perfect for winter woollies and accessories. No Waste. Biodegradable. Happy Planet.

And they were indeed super-easy to knit with! No snagging on my knitting needles or any of that weird wooly feel on my fingers.


As most of you can probably tell just by looking at the finished product of this hat, the pattern is a simple 1×1 rib stitch which I’m sure you’ve seen on most winter hats or beanies. But since the yarn is slightly larger than the manufactured beanies, the ribbing looks more prominent which gives it this chunkier and cozier look.

The instructions were well written and very easy to understand – definitely great for beginners. The little booklet gives you how-to instructions for the long-tail cast on technique, knitting a 1×1 rib stitch, decreasing your stitches, and weaving in the ends. The booklet will also refer you to WATG’s video tutorials on their website at www.woolandthegang.com/t/how-to in case you’re more of a visual learner (like me!).

I’m a slow knitter and I also like to watch Netflix while I knit, which is distracting at times and makes me knit even slower LOL πŸ˜…πŸ€£ So this project I think took me about 3-4 hours – this includes having to watch the video tutorials.

For the pros, this would probably only take them about 2 hours or less.


Purchasing this knitting kit with the maplewood knitting needles is a bit pricey at $62.50 but without the knitting needles, it is at a more reasonable price at $49.

Okay, so maybe $49 for a hat with a simple 1×1 ribbing design might still be a bit much but for the quality of this yarn (considering that 1 ball of Lil’ Heal The Wool Yarn is $13) plus the little booklet with the pattern instructions and knitting techniques; I think $49 sounds about right. (What do you think? Leave a comment below)

But pricing aside, overall this is an excellent knitting kit for beginners. I love the yarn and definitely enjoyed making this project. Now I have a new cozy hat that I can’t wait to rock this winter! ❄

P.S. This blog post is not a paid ad (I wish it was though 🀣)

2 thoughts on “Wool And The Gang: Isobel Hat Review

    • I can’t wear this hat every day over here in California since it doesn’t get that cold ☹. But I was able to wear it one night out in Vegas last week and it definitely kept my ears and head all cozy. It’s really thick and I think it’s best for the snow. About the itching, my forehead always itches when I wear beanies, hats and even bandanas so I’m thinking it’s just me lol πŸ˜…


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